Coal is America's energy ace in the hole, especially when it comes to generating electricity. It is a low cost, reliable source of fuel -- and almost 60% of America's electricity is generated with coal as the fuel source. Coal will continue to be the base load fuel of choice for generating power as more efficient methods for utilizing coal are developed.

With a new era of restructuring and changes among utilities, no longer will the industry be able to conduct "business as usual". Cost reductions and innovative thinking must occur to compete and survive in this new era.

The NexGen Coal Services Group can provide a source of innovation and cost-reducing measures as they relate to your coal supply needs. We have years of experience in providing services related to supplying coal to utilities -- and we can provide improved efficiency and reliability while decreasing costs in meeting your coal supply requirements.

We never take our clients for granted, because we can't be successful unless our clients are successful.

All of us at NexGen are firmly convinced we can lower your delivered fuel costs and improve the quality of service. We are "coal people" who believe in coal for energy and we are dedicated to excellence every step of the way. We invite you to contact us and put us to the test.

-- NexGen

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