At NexGen, the efficient and reliable supply of coal to power plants is our business. Procuring the coal source is the initial stage of this process. Members of the NexGen management team are each seasoned coal industry professionals. They understand the operating conditions of each mine and its competitive market pricing.

NexGen does not own or have any affiliation with any coal source and therefore can provide independent third-party competitive pricing. However, because of its multi-million-ton annual purchases of coal, NexGen has volume purchasing power and can source coal from any mine in order to provide you the lowest cost delivered pricing.

Once a coal source is selected NexGen negotiates and executed a coal supply agreement with the supplier, based upon terms agreeable to your specifications.

NexGen also provides ongoing contract administration to assure performance issues related to price escalation, coal sampling, bias testing, coal analysis, scale monitoring, contract volumes, and any other similar issues. NexGen can purchase and take title to the coal (FOB the railcar), relieving you of the need of ownership until delivered into the bunker at the power plant.

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