1. Improve Generating Asset Liquidity

    Increase the Marketability of Your Generation Assets:

    By including full fuel services as a part of the package, potential bidders can focus on a generating asset's strategic value in a particular power market. Lack of familiarity with a specific coal supply region and its associated transportation logistics is less inhibiting when the package includes full fuel services.

    Expand Your Geographic Scope in Generation Asset Acquisitions:

    NexGen Coal Services provides a fast turn-around in competitively sourcing fuel for newly acquired generation assets without regard to
    geographic location.

  2. Obtain a Low-Cost Source of Capital

    NexGen Coal Services frees-up capital from existing coal and ash handling facilities, as well as working capital tied-up in fuel inventories, and does it on an off-balance sheet basis. Complete control over all aspects of fuel procurement is assured while providing a new means for pursuing growth and diversification opportunities.

  3. Improve Your Competitive Advantage

    Take Advantage of Synergies and Economies of Scale:

    NexGen Coal Services improves decision making and lowers fuel costs through improved access to market information. Competitive intelligence obtained through industry publications and studies, state-of-the-art databases, and a network of contacts in fuel buying, fuel marketing, and fuel transportation provides a basis for astute, strategic decision making. A thorough knowledge of hedging and risk
    management tools and inter-commodity options offered by power marketers and traders will allow strategic coordination and alignment with a company's market priorities.

    Increase Negotiating Clout:

    The consolidation underway among fuel suppliers and transporters highlights the need for a corresponding "critical mass" among fuel consumers. It is vital to increase the visibility and potential impacts related to fuel procurement to a level that provides credibility and leverage in negotiating with suppliers. NexGen's management of the process provides that credibility through combination with others.

  4. Reduce Regulatory Risk

    NexGen Coal Services personnel are experienced in providing expert testimony before regulatory agencies with credibility derived from direct involvement with all aspects of the fuel supply chain. A broad understanding of markets and issues allows the development of thorough and persuasive responses to regulatory data requests and inquiries.

  5. Reduce Administration Costs

    NexGen's streamlined organization and shared resources reduce the need for support personnel and answer the need for employee optimization. Consolidating fuel costs and providing a "burner-tip" cost for coal can improve a utility's focus on generating asset

  6. Improve Reporting and Accountability

    As a part of the total fuel management process, NexGen provides a degree of interaction and reporting tailored to you needs. Benchmarking against competitive units, setting strategic goals, and providing concise progress reports is a critical part of NexGen's package of services.





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