The final step in the coal supply chain, which NexGen can offer, is the unloading and handling of coal and final delivery into the bunker of a power plant, ready for consumption. Most often, the unloading and handling of coal at the power plant is the least desirable task
and, as a result, is often given the least attention. This lower priority of coal handling can result in safety problems for the power plant operator.

NexGen can relieve plant operators of this headache by taking over the coal yard operations. We can unload the trains, stockpile the delivered coal, reclaim the coal from the stockpile, crush the coal to the desired specifications, and convey the crushed coal into the bunker.

NexGen can also assume ownership of the coal yard facilities, including railroad access and loop tracks, which frees up capital to be more effectively used elsewhere. Typically, NexGen can arrange such a financial transaction at a lower cost of capital than the average cost of capital of the utility company, thereby resulting in further savings.

In addition to operating the coal yard and its attendant equipment maintenance function, we monitor daily plant burns and inventory levels, analyze coal quality as delivered, schedule track repairs, uphold federal and state operating regulations, and perform physical coal inventory measurements.

NexGen also provides all accounting and cash management functions, which includes providing the working capital necessary to pay the coal mines, railroads, employees, and supplies on a weekly basis and to receive payment from the utility on a once-a-month basis in one consolidated invoice.

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